Secure dog walking field Surrey


Welcome to Secure Dog Walking Field Surrey. A lovely, privately owned 6 acre field devoted entirely to dogs! Our field is fully fenced to 6ft high with green chain link on metal posts and we backfilled any variations in the ground to make sure it is the safest possible space to off lead dogs.

Our location makes our field a real safe haven for our visitors as there is no public right of way anywhere on our 17 acres. Our field is land locked and there are no roads directly alongside and no livestock and our field has a bank planted up with trees along one side and a hedgerow and tree line along the others. 

Our focus is to put the joy and relaxation back into dog walks for both dogs and their owners who may struggle with walks in public places for a whole host of reasons. We do not exclude any breed of dog or reason for choosing to use a secure field and welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes.


A few things we're great at

We welcome all. We don't discriminate or judge and we have gone to great lengths to make sure our fencing is secure for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Here are some reasons why our visitors choose us:


Our field is available for private hire offering uninterupted walks and peace of mind.


If you dogs favorite game is bitey face or zoomies you can let them play without worry.


If you have recentley taken on a new dog our field can be used as a safe place to work on training and confidence building.


An ideal space for gentle introductions.


If your dogs recall needs more work our field is a rich environment to balance distraction with safety.


If your a runner, hunter, chaser or escape artist, our field provides a safe environment for off lead excercise.

What our clients say

Excellent, very reasonably priced and a perfect place if you have a reactive dog/dogs, with no recall. Secure well kept field with plenty of running space. Very efficient service too. Lisa is very welcoming and put us at ease straight away. Would definitely recommend.


I can't praise this place highly enough nor the lady who owns it. Totally secure 6ft fencing, drinking water, a pond, mown areas etc. My dogs love it there and it is the one place I get to see them run without worrying. Everything and everyone is 100% dog friendly.


I love this field. Every trip has been a joy with my dogs. So much so I now go with friends and my dogs are becoming more social. #doggiegoals


Just back from our first visit – what a joy that was! Took me a little while to get out of the habit of scanning 360 deg every few seconds, but the relief of just being able to enjoy my dog once I relaxed was fantastic. Thank you for fitting us in at short notice.


Really can’t fault this place at all! Beautiful area and very well kept, just wish I had found it sooner! Our sproodle was very grateful for the tennis balls and launcher left for us to use as well.


Had a wonderful time today at the Secure Dog Walking Field. Felt very safe in the knowledge that the fence was clearly secure and high enough that not even my very athletic dogs could jump it!! Was lovely to spend an hour just letting my dogs explore and “be dogs”. Lisa genuinely loves dogs and takes such great care of her clients – canine and human!!!