Hi, I’m Lisa. I am not a dog professional but have learned a lot through my journey of adopting 4 rescue dogs. I moved to the area 6 years ago and started running an outdoor wedding venue. On event days I couldn’t walk my dogs on the land here due to the events. As not all of my dogs are able to walk in public spaces safely, I found out about a great local field called Silverlee run by the lovely Emma. I used to call Emma at the last minute and ask her for a space but she was always so booked up and I was so dis-organised I didn’t get to visit very often.

Emma and I got chatting and she said ‘you’ve got land Lisa, why not start a field of your own’. Emma said she knew I would take it seriously due to my own dogs various requirements and she said she would visit and if all was well she would recommend me to everyone who called looking for space. As my eldest dog (now 17) started to show signs of dementia I decided to go ahead.

I found a great local fencing company who carried out the grand job of installing 470m of chain link and we opened in January 2018. I’ve never looked back and Emma has has been a fantastic support. At the end of the day we all just want dogs to be dogs and run free and to provide a safe environment where dogs and owners can build their confidence whilst keeping everyone safe, including local livestock and wildlife.

A bit more on my own dogs. All mine are ex-abuse case rescue dogs. I have a Staffy x Whippet who is 17 and has dementia. An Akita x small horse possibly who can be reactive to other dogs and people. A Rotty x Husky who has the run away of a husky and the come back of a rotty, and a red staff who is a wally! So between my own 4 dogs I have every reason to need a secure field myself and designed it with my dogs needs in mind. I worked so hard with my pups, especially my reactive girlie but it didn’t matter how much training I did or how hard I tried, she just isn’t a ‘for everyone’ dog.

Because of my own experiences I wanted to offer this wonderful safe area to other dogs and owners who have shared similar experiences and also to those who have a variety of other needs.